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  1. j-off-her-doll

    2016 AFC playoff predictions: South, West appear wide open

    Vote Summary by division: AFC East Patriots 20 AFC North Steelers 16 Bengals 4 AFC South Texans 11 Jaguars 4 Titans 3 Colts 2 AFC West Chiefs 12 Raiders 6 Broncos 2 The Broncos should win the AFC West. They have the best D by a wide margin, the running game should be much...
  2. VaPhinatic

    Dolphins/Steelers - Predict the Score

    Well, 4 games left. Dolphins are right in the playoff mix. This is a very important game for obvious reasons. Historically, this is a game that the Dolphins would lose in the past 10 years. Cold weather road game against a perennial playoff team with a pro bowl QB. However, Pittsburgh is...
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