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press conference

  1. number1fin

    Joseph, Rizzi, Christensen, and Gase 10/29 Press Conferences
  2. number1fin

    Head Coach Adam Gase Post Game Press Conference
  3. number1fin

    Ryan Tannehill & Joe Philbin Week 1 Postgame Press Conferences
  4. number1fin

    Dennis Hickey's Combine Press Conference
  5. D

    My opinion on the Joe Philbin interview

    Biggest Fraud Joe Philbin is the biggest fraud as a Coach, I just listened to his press conference and as a fan was never more embarrassed of an organization of having this guy as our coach. He was as believable and inspiring as Baghdad Bob.. no wonder Ross likes him. Dawn Aponte should have...
  6. phinasota

    coaches press conference

    Ok, so I just watched coach philbin and Shermans press conference. The conclusions that I got is that 1) these guys (when they were asked anything remotely to the right questions) both defended the bonehead plays they called which ultimately cost us the game. At one point Sherman said he...
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