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  1. T

    Reggie Bush's roster spot may not be secure

    Lions GM Martin Mayhew and coach Jim Caldwell have both stopped short of guaranteeing Reggie Bush will return to the team in 2015. Turning 30 in March, Bush's 2014 YPC average (3.91) was a five-year low and he was plagued by injuries. Beat writer Dave Birkett says the "chances are good" the...
  2. number1fin

    HAHA!!!! Leadership Council no more!!!!

    Buh-bye Jake!!!! Buh-bye Reggie!!!! Buh-bye Karlos!!!! Coach Philbin didn't forget about that unbelievably stupid stance you guys took by crying over the dismissal of Ochostinko. Was more worried about that loser than your own damn jobs. You showed with that disrespectful action you...
  3. Perfect72

    RB Reggie Bush, soon to be a free agent, wants to return to Miami Dolphins RB Reggie Bush, soon to be a free agent, wants to return to Miami Dolphins By Ben Volin Palm Beach Post Staff Writer DAVIE — Some Dolphins players, among them cornerback Sean Smith, have...
  4. N

    If Reggie Bush & Lamar Miller got all the carries, and continued to avg 6 yds/carry

    If Reggie Bush & Lamar Miller got all the carries, and continued to average 6 yds/carry, would that be the most electric running back tandem ever?
  5. catch22

    This game showed us how much Reggie Bush helped on offense this year

    The whole time I was watching this game I was thinking the Dolphins look so much more dynamic and dangerous on offense with Reggie in there. Reggie is awesome for us especially on 3rd downs and obvious passing downs where we can keep him in as a threat to run or catch for first downs.. I'm so...
  6. NorFlaFin

    Trading Places

    Bush, Dansby, Taylor, and Fasano;_ylt=An2BHOTMq9iRpJzWifcMnmlDubYF?slug=jc-cole_trade_deadline_broncos_reggie_bush101311
  7. dolfin530

    Reggie had a groin injury against texans

    Reggie wasn't playing much because of a groin injury. He is good for browns I take it.
  8. N

    Goal Line & Short Yardage: have Reggie Bush dive over the pile?

    Our goal line & short yardage running seems weak this year. Marcus Allen was legendary for his ability to jump over the pile in goal line & short yardage situations. He was almost unstoppable when doing so. Could Reggie Bush do the same? Very few running backs have Reggie's 4.3 speed...
  9. dreday

    can reggie bush rush for 1200 yds this yr as the feature back?

    i've always wanted to see if reggie can be a real running back and get that century mark instead of being a gadget receiver.. he rushed for 1000 twice or so at USC, though not the greatest inside the tackles runner. do u think he can if healthy get to a 1000 yards rushing..1200? he has never had...
  10. O

    Reggie Bush carries Ki...I mean, a pig

    VIDEO: Reggie Bush carries Ki...I mean, a pig Thought this might lighten up the mood a little...for those that missed Bush on CBS' Same Name.
  11. MexDolfan

    WTF? According to Reggie, Daboll's implementing a WCO style

    I has been a frenetic defender of "give them space to work" policy, but I'm shocked of what Reggie Bush expressed to Omar Kelly. This means Daboll needs more intelligent passers, running backs and go-to receivers. That's extremely scary to me. I was satisfied by passing on McNabb, Hasselbeck...
  12. Miamifinz

    Who's gonna have a breakout year?

    I've been obsessed with free agency the past few days, but want to focus on some players who could be in for a big year. I'm really high on Paul Soliai, this could be a big year for him at nose tackle. He seems very motivated, and vastly improved. I think Sean Smith was great last year, but...
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