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  1. jimlerario


    I know it was against Dallas second team, but he did very well against the cowboys. He breaks tackles and deserves snaps with the first team. He should be our third RB, let Thomas go. Oh and Moreno is a beast, like I said before but y'all weren't buying in. Moreno should be a 3 down back with...
  2. BenchFiedler

    What's wrong with Dolphins Run Defense???

    The Run Defense was suppose to be our bread and butter. We are ranked 21st and we give up an average of 122.6 yds per game. This mean that teams are not only taking a lot of time off the clock to keep our so-so offense off the field, but also making our defense vulnerable to play-action passes...
  3. Sofla328

    Ronnie Brown Feels like an ex girlfriend

    watching the NFL Replay of the eagles/ravens game, and watching ronnie run gave me a really weird feeling in my gut. the best way to describe it is when you first break up with a pritty serious girlfriend and then see her soon there after with another guy. Thats how it felt for me watching...
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