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  1. N

    Will Miami set the NFL record for fewest sacks in a season?

    The NFL record for fewest defensive sacks in a season is 11 (1982 Baltimore Colts) Currently, Miami's defense has only ONE sack in four games. At that pace, we'd end up with 4 sacks for the whole season. Will Miami set the NFL record...
  2. F

    Tanny and his sacks

    I know alot of you have noticed this as well but why does tanny continually not throw the ball away when he has the opportunity to. That first sack her took when we were in fg range and we lost 10+ yards was horrendous. He's trying to run away from the 2 tacklers when he could have just thrown...
  3. number1fin

    This will be painful to watch!

    Below are all 58 sacks given up on the 2013 season:
  4. jimlerario

    Theory on the sack issue

    The go/go-go pre snap. when the dline hears the one go, they go straight for Tannehill, not worrying about them running. then the dline get in a rhythm after hearing it for so many times, and defend either the run or the pass, never both.
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