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  1. jimlerario

    Recap of Dolphins Injuries Sustained Vs Bills

    Hey All, Huge Dolphins and Finheaven fan here! Have not missed a game on TV in 5+ years which I would assume most of you have not either! Could be more of a reply in a few main threads, but figured I would post instead. Ran analysis on injuries sustained during the past few Bills games, with...
  2. miamidolphins83

    Smh Minkah Not A "top 10 Defensive Rookie"

    and the lack of respect continues:
  3. BenchFiedler

    The Falcons Challenge - Gap assignments and Discipline

    I took a few screenshots from the Dolphins-Falcons preseason game (starters vs. Starters). What I have noticed is that Matt Ryan is very good at misdirection plays. The dolphins defense will need to stay disciplined and execute at 110%. You can see how they scored a TD against our starters on...
  4. BenchFiedler

    Nate Allen !!!

    I'm know some of us watch different versions of Dolphins games at the same time and probably same channel (CBS & NFL Network) but we can all agree that Nate Allen is MIA in Miami and nowhere to be found on the field. There was an article last month stating that he was always at the right place...
  5. BenchFiedler

    Bills WR Were Open All Day

    I got this fom someone who reviews the game tape and this is what he wrote: A few observations: 1) There was only one play with nobody open in a place where Tyrod could have hit him. One. On the two plays where he threw the ball away he had a guy. The receivers were doing a good job. I...
  6. BenchFiedler

    Isa Abdul-Quddus made the biggest play of the Game!!!

    This was the biggest play of the game stopping Hunter on 3rd down who had a similar TD earlier beating Maxwell. One again, Maxwell was beat by a 3rd string WR and # 24 saved the Play and the game. I'm not sure if Maxwell was expecting Safety help over the top but looks like he was looking...
  7. T

    Saints bench 2013 1st-round SS Kenny Vaccaro

    The Saints have benched second-year SS Kenny Vaccaro. It's the latest shoe to drop in New Orleans. The Saints promised changes after Carolina blew New Orleans' doors off in Week 13 at the Superdome. But Vaccaro has certainly earned the benching. He's Pro Football Focus' 84th-ranked safety out...
  8. BenchFiedler

    Dolphins Should Pair Michael Thomas with Louis Delmas at Safety

    I think we really have 2 SS playing in the secondary with Jones and Delmas... They play like LB's and they can hit hard.. We need that safety who will cover the TE and even WR's in a zone defense. I think Michael Thomas has better coverage skills than Jones and also Jones has been unimpressive...
  9. BenchFiedler

    Injury Bug Around the League!!!! Why are players getting hurt???

    Anyone concerned about these injuries in practice??? I don't remember seeing that many injuries that early in training camp in the past 10 - 15 years. 4 points of concerns: 1. ACL Tear (Most popular) - Victims: Jason Phillips, Jeremy Maclin, Dan Koppen, Victor Butler, Aaron Berry, Melvin...
  10. jimlerario


    The dolphins have no one special at the position clemons isn't going to cut it if we want to make the playoffs our secondary is mediocare compared to other teams thoughts?
  11. 5

    Richard Marshall comfortable at CB, safety

    New starting FS??
  12. 5

    Is Richard Marshall our plan for FS?

    IMO it seems that Marshall is the cheap route for us at free, and it provides lots of depth.
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