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  1. ciscoholgate

    Props to the run D

    Props to our front 7 as they held arguably the best rushing attack in the NFL to under 100 yards and 2.4 yards per carry (35 rushes for 83 yards). Starks, Soliai, Odrick, Wake, Dansby, Burnett and Misi all held up at the point of attack and our safeties did not have to come up to help much at...
  2. W

    Bring back Mcdaniels and sign kiwanuka

    Mcdaniels was a handful when on the field. He is young and tall and very strong. He was being a problem in teams side when he was in for us. I think if Soliai doesn't pan out this kid can maybe anker us with Starks. Wi him I feel championship ankers up front. mathias kiwanuka this kid has...
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