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suck for luck

  1. snake eyes

    Suddenly Half the league is Sucking for Luck and we look like a good team!

    First of all I think we are a pretty good team (at times) but we are lacking direction. Now on to my point. A few weeks ago it was just The Dolphins and the Colts and the rams in the suck for luck club. Yeah I know the whole suck for luck this is a joke anyway but now look. San Diego...
  2. snake eyes

    Suck for luck is fun But I am damn proud of this team for not pulling an Indy!

    Look when we were losing suck for luck was and is fun. Sure we all want a first round pick but you cant tell me that the real dolphin fans arent happy on a day like today! We have been in every game and sure our record should be better than it is now but com'on man, no on wants to be a loser...
  3. snake eyes

    Statistical odds have to favor Jets Monday night

    Look Im hoping for an upset but the numbers have to favor the Jets. They have lost 3 in a row. They are at home. Have a better team and well they get "Us." So I guess the suck for luck train stays on track for at least one more week. However those pesky Colts are gumming up the works I must...
  4. Hawk59

    Has anyone seen these Suck For Luck t-shirts? What do you think???
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