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  1. snake eyes

    Thank God for the Jets, at least we wont suck alone.

    Just have to sigh and get ready to endure the misery of another crappy team this season.:boohoo:
  2. snake eyes

    Dear God! This is like witnessing a slow motion plane crash, From the inside!

    We are all looking for answers, crying out if you will and nobody can or will explain themselves!!!!!!!! HELP!
  3. snake eyes

    Matt Moore is better than garrard right?

    Why is he even coming here. Back UP?
  4. snake eyes

    I m afraid this season will be just like the last dozen or so..... Somebody had to say it.
  5. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Fin_Frenzy_84 Mock Draft (One Step Closer)

    Resign Kendall Langford DE Sign Ben Grubbs OG Michael Griffin FS Manny Lawson OLB Draft 1st pick- Andrew Luck QB Stanford 2nd pick- Levy Ad**** OT Oklahoma State 3rd pick- Coby Fleener TE Stanford 4th pick- Casey Hayward CB Vanderbilt *Trade 6th and 2013 5th for 2012 5th 5th pick- Bobby...
  6. F

    My 2012 Off-Season

    HC - Bill Cowher Top Free Agent Signings: 1. Ben Grubbs OG 2. Jared Gaither OT Players to Keep: 1. Daniel Thomas HB 2. Reggie Bush HB 3. Charles Clay FB/TE 4. Brandon Marshall WR 5. Clyde Gates WR 6. Davone Bess WR 7. Jake Long LT 8. Mike Pouncey C 9. Nate Garner OL 10. Vontae Davis CB 11...
  7. snake eyes

    I'm conflicted: To Suck or not to suck?

    I want to Suck bad enough to get Luck (Like Ireland would ever draft him) but at the same time that means one more wasted year of no team to Root for or be excited about. Its a real emotional catch 22 :crazy:
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