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  1. Charlie Rivers

    Who'll You Be Rooting For...

    ... now that our Fins are out? I'm cheering for the Titans because I really want Tanne to get a ring. You?
  2. W

    Subliminal message in Super Bowl

    Halftime show London rapper M.I.A. flips her middle finger to the world. Now on the surface, this just looks like another celebrity publicity stunt, but if you dig deeper, you'll see that in the grand scheme of things, THIS IS ALL A PLOT BY THE NFL AND THE MEDIA TO GET THE WORLD TO
  3. snake eyes

    Since we Stink this year I'm pulling for........

    A Buffalo/Detroit super rbowl. Now normally I would despise Buffalo with a passion and not really give a crap about Detroit. However, over the past decade I have come to understand their pain and can share in their fan's misery so I truly would be excited to see that Super bowl. ...
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