1. Kdawg954

    It's that Time . . . What do you think Miami will do with the #14 pick?

    72 hours from now, we'll be into the draft and waiting anxiously on what the Miami Dolphins are going to do with the #14 pick. I am going to list a bunch of options, and realistically we are going to come to the Finheaven consensus of what direction the Miami Dolphins are going to go. Some...
  2. matt11390

    I'm amazed at the age of our roster There are only 2 active players over 30. One is LS Denny and the other is Wake. The FO and staff has done a good job of building this roster with youth and players in their prime. And we only get younger with the draft. Even in FA the players...
  3. snake eyes

    Does Ross even F'ing Care!!!!!!

    With all the TV money and Revenue sharing and tax shelters does he care. He never really seems to be emotionally involved with the product on the field. Oh sure he likes a nice Orange Carpet and flashy things but does he really give a crap about the team?
  4. matt11390

    How will all our TE's be used?

    Philbin loves having many TE's and right now we have 6. Fasano, Clay, Brown, Egnew, Mustrud, and Yeatman. No way we keep all of them right? Fasano, Clay, Brown, and Egnew are the seem guys while Mustrud and Yeatman are the blockers. Will be interesting to see how the team uses these guys. I...
  5. matt11390

    If McCoy is hired could we see Orton come here after all?

    Was doing a little reading on McCoy since I know nothing about him. Came across the below paragraph from McCoy's Wikipedia site. Below the paragraph is the link to entire page. Kyle Orton's contarct with KC is up isn't it? Could McCoy bring in Orton and revitalize his career? National...
  6. matt11390

    Giants and Packers

    Seriously, Giants are up 20-10 at the half. Who would have thunk this. The more I watch the playoffs the more I am warming up to a Super Bowl of the brothers, Jim and John. That would be awesome if after all the offensive talk the two teams in the big game end up being defensive teams.
  7. matt11390

    Any news on the secret coaching candidate this weekend?

    Sorry if this has been posted somewhere but I haven't seen it. Any word on who was interviewed this weekend for Miami?
  8. matt11390

    Gripes from coaches about in season moves Apparently coaches around the league are upset that McDaniels went from the last place Rams to the first place Patriots while the season is still on going for the Pats. I don't get the complaining...
  9. matt11390

    Now that Kalil has declared ...

    Wonder if that gives the Rams or another team with a future QB drafting ahead of Miami, more pause not to trade out of their spot. Which gives Miami just a little more confidence the QB's coming out might drop a little so Miami can draft one.
  10. matt11390

    On the bright side

    The team isn't tanking as some suggests. They are playing hard. Bush ran over 100 yards, Marshall played good, and the defense was decent ... except for the end of the game drive they gave up ... but that has become expected almost weekly. Miami still is giving an effort which makes the games...
  11. matt11390

    What are the legalities of hiring a coach like Gruden?

    Let's say Gruden is the guy to be the next coach. I know no one knows this but let's play along. What are the legalities of hiring him mid season? Let's say Miami loses at NY and goes 0-5, Ross fires Sparano. Gruden is the man Ross wants but Gruden can't join the team right away because of...
  12. matt11390

    Don't Understand This Team

    Miami seems to have a lot of talent on defense and new talent on offense and Henne is improved. There was so much excitement in the preseason that this team could at least finish with a 500 or better record even if they don't make the playoffs. Yet they look just as bad right now as last year...
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