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  1. snake eyes

    Well as you can see History is not on our side this week.

    Well I dont know what the Texans have over us is but its real. You all know we are 0-6 against them home or away and I cant figure it out. I guess a great way to look at it is the we are "Due" Yeah I know a really stupid take but thats about all we have to hang on to because their talent...
  2. matt11390

    Looks like it's down to Miami and Indy

    With the Rams finally winning it's down to two winless teams. However, the Colts are just horrible. Miami is much better than Indy however Indy's schedule is easier the last half of the season so you never know. I still feel Miami will win at least 2 games. Gotta think we win one of the two...
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