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  1. Etuoo33

    7-11 / Carroo

    Anybody else watching this guy carve up people ( Us and the Texicans) and thinking about what we paid in draft choices for our 'practice squad-er"?
  2. number1fin

    Idiot Houston Texans radio host goes off on Hartline and Incognito

    Link to full rant below http://houston.cbslocal.com/2013/08/20/seth-payne-goes-off-on-hartline-and-incognito/
  3. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Chill out!

    Wow some of these fans on here are so stupid! First thing is we played a team many people expect to go to the Super Bowl. Second thing it was Tannehill first start and he went against a good defense! Third thing is we were pretty much hanging with them the whole game. What really killed us...
  4. snake eyes

    In case you forgot the fans were Booing the Texans in the first half!

    I suspected a blowout from the beginning. I was surprised when the Texans were scratching their heads on how to get their hands on Miami. Of course when the wheels fell off it all went downhill. Almost all the Texans points were attributed to the turnovers. Now with that said there are some...
  5. snake eyes

    Well as you can see History is not on our side this week.

    Well I dont know what the Texans have over us is but its real. You all know we are 0-6 against them home or away and I cant figure it out. I guess a great way to look at it is the we are "Due" Yeah I know a really stupid take but thats about all we have to hang on to because their talent...
  6. snake eyes

    Would a close game sunday 7 pts or fewer be a moral victory for you?

    A shocking win would be amazing and unlikely but if the Dolphins manage a respectable loss will that soothe some of your concerns or is it all about the "Ws"?
  7. b0ng

    Dolphins vs Texans week 1 Q&A

    Greetings Dolfans, it seems that another annual tilt pitting the Dolphins and the Texans against each other is upon us again. Judging by reading the forum the last few weeks it appears that most Dolphin fans are not very high on their team this year. Relax! If there is one team in the NFL...
  8. Kdawg954

    Post Week 1 Stock Report

    I'm a bit disgusted by the defense's performance last night, but hopefully its a learning experience. We get those guys later in the season again . . . the Fins have to be more prepared. Stock Up Chad Henne - The guy looked seasoned out there didn't he? Shame he couldn't end his night...
  9. b0ng

    Good Luck on Sunday

    Hey Dolphins fans, just wanted to drop by and wish you guys a good injury free game this Sunday against the Texans. I know you guys probably hate the Texans guts by this time with all of the silly endings that our two teams have had over the years, but I feel as though these two teams always...
  10. S

    Sun Sep 18, 2011 Texans 4:15 PM ...No matter what happens week #1 This is a MUST WIN

    Beat the Pats 30-7 and lose to the expansion team again..."Bad taste is back" Lose to the Pats 30-7 and lose to the expansion team again..."Standing on ledge ready to jump" Either way we have got to beat these chumps THIS YEAR!
  11. Sethdaddy8

    3 Front Row - Lower Level - Sideline tickets vs Texans

    Parking pass included. Amazing front row seats to the Texans Game. These are my personal season tickets(3) Check it out here! Auction goes live on Sunday night.
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