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thread of the year

  1. So Be

    Cook Coming to Miami is now Cooking

    Multiple sources are reporting Dolphins interest and Minny cutting him or being forced to a trade. I now see us with a 50/50 chance of getting him, The heat on this deal should be turned up soon. He would fill a big void.
  2. Danny

    ***My 2023 NFL mock draft of.......Posters*** see who goes in the first round here!

    1-Carolina selects- @fishfanmiami Fish is known as the Godfather of the Lounge. Fish has won many awards including MM champion. He holds the record for the most likes in the history of FH with over 146K of them which shows his quality and also the consistency that it takes to be the number one...
  3. Fin-Loco

    Zach is finally in the HOF!!!

  4. CMD

    Vic Fangio Defensive Breakdown: Diving Into the Go-To Calls in Passing Situations

    Cover 8 (Half-Quarter-Quarter) Cover 8 is a split field concept, with cover 2 to the passing strength and a variation of quarters to the backside. This is often a trips check for Fangio along with Cover 6, and both are interchanged throughout the course of each game and selected...
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