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  1. Sons Of Shula

    Miami Dolphins Training Camp Report

    An earlier report from after week one of the pre-season that was published on Thursday, 27th. MMQB Training Camp Blog week 2: Miami Dolphins By Jenny Vrentas Full article and many more team's training camps here: MMQB - SI
  2. Kdawg954

    Are you worried about Suh not showing up to Voluntary workouts? Is he obligated to?

    Ran across this article on PFT. Typical Mike Florio Dolphin hating but I figured I'd poll the masses and see what your thoughts are. Here is some of the article Suh did not show up for Lions...
  3. BenchFiedler

    Surprise Cuts of 2014 Dolphins Training Camp

    This is just my opinion but based on some facts. Rishard Matthews - Armon Binns will beat him and we keep 6 WR including Thigpen Will Davis & Walt Aikens - They are not good enough and Jalil brown will make this team. Phillip Wheeler - Jelani Jenkins will beat him and we will not keep him as...
  4. J

    When does Training Camp start??

    Anybody has the dates???
  5. LouPhinFan

    Five Questions for the Miami Dolphins as They Head to Training Camp :lol: Good stuf.
  6. Geforce

    Hard Knocks on NFL Network

    The first episode of Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Miami Dolphins airs tonight at 10:00pm eastern with the replay airing on Tuesday at 2:00pm eastern. Sunday night, July 21st, NFL Network will be airing a marathon of the Hard Knocks episodes starting at 7:00pm eastern then re-airing of...
  7. snake eyes

    Joe Philbin has impressed me so far!

    I have heard so much about Joe's personality. "He's not head coach material" "He's too soft" "Too disengaged" But I disagree. One thing that really put it into perspective for me is when he was talking about the death of his son on hard knocks. It it were me I would probably be weeping...
  8. snake eyes

    I gotta say, forget Tannehills Wife there is a new sheriff in Training Camp

    Les Browns Wife! Dayum!!!! Can I getta a Whoop Whoop!!
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