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  1. matt11390

    Jason Cole report Ross thinking about blowing up FO

    For some reason I can't paste the link from Cole's twitter but there's a story where he is saying Ross is considering getting rid of everyone in the front office including Hickey and Tannenbaum. The reason is he wants to hire a proven and experienced HC and is willing to give him power over...
  2. matt11390

    Great article about Farmer

    I posted this article in another thread about Farmer today but I thought it was such a good write up about his skills that I thought it needed its own thread. Plenty of info to discuss. IMO he would be as good of option for us as any of the candidates we are looking at. This was posted on Omar's...
  3. FinAtic8480

    *** Dolphins New Logo SUPERTHREAD (Merged x8) *** I must admit, I like it, I really like it. Very Throw Back
  4. MIAorDIE

    Twitter: Ocho 'still got it'

    "@OmarKelly: @VontaeDavis21 yo... How @ochocinco looked today? 1-10 scale." 10 for not knowing playbook he still got it." "@SeanSMITH24: Lol oh yea F what ya heard, 85 (@ochocinco) still got it...." Perhaps there's still a little more left in the tank? Not quite sure that this exactly...
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