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  1. utahphinsfan

    another how to fix the OL post

    In post 28 (link below), I had a few suggestions. http://www.finheaven.com/showthread.php?349641-If-the-Dolphins-solve-the-tackle-positions-in-the-offseason-will-that-be-enough/page3, Following up, the OT in later rounds could be Moses from UVa or Henderson from Miami. It won't surprise me...
  2. phinasota

    Would you sign...?

    Upgrades for rb or maybe more competition? Knoshawn moreno was just released as was jonathan stewart. I like our boys back there but just not sold on them. I think stewart would be a nice addition
  3. Canadianfishfan

    So What QB Upgrades Are Left?

    When FA opened I was high on getting Orton... Now I'm kinda glad we didn't. So what the hell are we going to do? Is there really a legit upgrade to Henne? Let's just scratch Palmer off the list because he's retired, and after his season last year... I'm not sure if he's an upgrade. I hate to...
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