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  1. igor79

    2017 #MetLifeTakeover Video

    Just wanted to share with you guys the video from our annual #MetLifeTakeover. I hope most of you guys know by now but the takeover is the party we throw for the Dolphins at Jets game every year. It started with about 30 of us and then 70 and then 200 and then 750 and we have had around 1000...
  2. catch22

    The best videos of each draft pick

    These are the best Vids of each pick In my opinion, But Feel Free to add more videos to this thread if you see a good one out there! Love the videos on Carroo (TD Machine), Grant (lil man has mad hops and eats top corners for breakfast) and Surprisingly the Duarte videos were my favorite. Dude...
  3. igor79

    2014 #MetLifeTakeover videos!

    If you know about Dolfans NYC or the #MetLifeTakeover you are going to love these... especially if you were there. If you don't know about us, you probably heard us on TV when you watched the Miami @ Jets game the last two years. Watch these to see what we do and I hope to see you all all the...
  4. DolFanDon22

    Are there any exciting videos???

    After the huge rout against San Diego and 3 straight wins, I thought there would be at least a couple hype music or well-edited highlight videos, but to my surprise I still have not found any. I wonder if I just suck at searching skills? Do you know if anyone made any Awesome videos???
  5. number1fin

    Ryan Tannehill's pocket awareness

    #17 has been criticized often around here for his pocket awareness, or lack thereof. Taking a look at the video below you'll see that most of the flak he receives is totally unfair. He's shown the ability to buy time and extend plays while also showing the skill needed to scramble for positive...
  6. beast_mode

    preaseason game vs bucs

    Preseason game vs BUCS Enjoy!! Rough game. Too many mental errors that need to be cleaned up. The D looks beastly however.:dmonster:
  7. catch22

    One of Tannehill's best games w/ good commentary, If you haven't seen this. Watch it!

    I watched all the videos available and this was by far my favorite to watch, check it out if you haven't seen it! Tannehill Beat's up on RGIII's Baylor Bears. (Baylor stats: BCS#12/season record 9-3/alamo bowl winner) Awesome on 3rd down!
  8. snake eyes

    Matt Moore Highlights

    Well for what its worth I found these on Youtube. I really cant tell what to make out of them. Apparently someone thought he was good enough to spend time on cutting this together but I really cant tell if he is any better or worse than henne...
  9. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Miami Dolphins draft Andrew Luck the Official Video! This is a video I made last night. Hopefully there is more to come in a dolphins uniform. ENJOY!
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