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  1. N

    Philbin, WCO, 174 lb Tavon Austin..

    I know that Tavon Austin is an exciting prospect. But he's unusually small for a WR (174 lbs). Has Philbin ever used a sub-180 lb WR as a starter? In the past 20 years, has ANY super bowl west coast offense used a sub-180 lb WR as a starter? Because if Tavon Austin would just be a...
  2. A

    Assuming We DON'T Get Flynn

    This is where I need the scouts such as CK and KB21 to chime in. Assuming we can't or don't make a deal for Matt Flynn, what options do we have as far as quarterbacks go, for the West Coast Offense? First and foremost, Matt Moore. Do you guys think he can succeed? I'm just a casual fan and...
  3. MexDolfan

    WTF? According to Reggie, Daboll's implementing a WCO style

    I has been a frenetic defender of "give them space to work" policy, but I'm shocked of what Reggie Bush expressed to Omar Kelly. This means Daboll needs more intelligent passers, running backs and go-to receivers. That's extremely scary to me. I was satisfied by passing on McNabb, Hasselbeck...
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