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we suck

  1. thaemcee2

    Pouncey: ....seems like the same thing every year

    Penalties, poor protection, blown coverage = "The Dolphins Way" It was a good game to watch, I am especially glad that RT finally showed us pocket awareness when our trash of an O line got manhandled and showed his ability to kill/audible calls at the LOS...although he overthrew that pass...
  2. kingfin23

    Sad but True.

    I been a Miami Dolphins fan for 35 years and live in New Jersey. Ever since the Direct TV came out 12 to 15 years ago . I have never missed a game. Ever. Right now I will go play Call of Duty Ghosts. This is to boring and lame. Good luck and I hope we come back. I won't watch this garbage...
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