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  1. Kdawg954

    Week 7 Postgame Dolphins/Jets **Post a Gif** Thread

    Just Doin My Job
  2. Kdawg954

    Week 6 **Post a Gif** Thread: Dolphins vs. Falcons

  3. Kdawg954

    Down 10-0, Tannehill to Offense "Take a Deep Breath, We ARE going to win this game"

    Lets not sugarcoat it, the offense, including Ryan Tannehill, played like crap for 53 minutes. But you have to love Ryan's confidence in gathering his team and staying upbeat and confident and then showing the ability to shake off a bad performance and driving his team down the field with two...
  4. Kdawg954

    The Curious Case of Ryan Tannehill is quickly becoming less curious & more respected.

    From the beginning, San Diego came into this game with the mindset that "Jay Ajayi was not going to beat us". They jam packed that box to stop the run and sent waves of pressure towards Ryan Tannehill that entire first half. But once Ryan Tannehill made that throw to Kenny Stills in the back...
  5. Y

    My best friend is a jet fan (reaction)

    Hi I live in México and my bff is a jest fan, so i taped his reaction al the end of The game... just watch the video and enjoy GO PHINS!!!
  6. Kdawg954

    The play that should make Tannehill's biggest detractors step back and smile

    Down 3, under 6 minutes to play, near midfield and it is 3rd and 7.
  7. madisonfan90

    Guarantee it Now.

    Dolphins over Bills Sunday, 31-14. Bills couldn't stop, and lost, to Sanchez and Romo in back to back weeks. Couldn't get any pressure and were absolutely useless offensively. And Matt Moore is really Peyton Manning in a Dolphins uniform, or at least he looked like him against KC. Seriously...
  8. matt11390

    On the bright side

    The team isn't tanking as some suggests. They are playing hard. Bush ran over 100 yards, Marshall played good, and the defense was decent ... except for the end of the game drive they gave up ... but that has become expected almost weekly. Miami still is giving an effort which makes the games...
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