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06 you're still on the air?

Very cool, she's an amazing person. Great sense of humor, makes me laugh a lot.:cool: On top of that she's a die hard Dolphan!:lol:
i don't believe this crap!

as long as i've been on this board, i just had a message that said i wasn't logged in!:mad:
i know its crazy..............

but let me tell you, i have DSL through america on-line, and i've had some wierd messages, i wouldn't recommend it to anyone, even though it is faster!
Hmmmmmm........I've heard good and bad things about DSL, mostly good, maybe you have a bad connection? Hope it works out for you, gotta be better than my 56k turtle modem:lol:
gotta hit the sack before............

my eyes close and i can't find it!
don't do anything i wouldn't do, if ya do, do it better! :lol:
as a matter of fact............

Those ads wouldn't be porn ads would they? ha ha j/k

they're not! but when i was posting auto-vote links for sign3, i was on the aol chat rooms and i used my wifes screen name! she gets all the porno messages! :D
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