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10 Dolphins and NFL Thoughts for this weekend


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Feb 16, 2002
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1. The Patriots are no longer going to surprise anyone. Welcome to playing a winners schedule. Now you Chowd's can appreciate how special that it is that we win year after year with a playoff schedule!
2. Regarding the Bills - Enjoy your 3-13 schedule. It will likely enable you to finish around 500....but don't expect much more than that, even if you split with us! As soon as you get a real schedule, you'll go back to sucking butt.
3. Today's game vs Denver will likely be settled IMO by which of our defenses shows up. IF our D plays top level ball, we win this one easy. If not, anything could happen.
4. The Denver game could be an important match down the road at playoff time. For example, one of the Playoff tie breakers is head to head. A loss now could mean going back to Denver later. Or a home game in the playoffs.
5. The Dolphins MUST find a way to let the gameplan find room for Chambers, McMichael, and williams to have big days! So far we've found ways to let 2 of the 3 do it together, but to beat great teams all three have to produce and generate some scoring and yards. (Besides, I have all 3 on my Fantasy team!)*Big key = Chambers IMO
6. Olindo better step up and play great tonight, or we could be in trouble. This means not only him making all his FG attempts, but also getting his kickoffs into the endzone!!!
7. Our DL should be able to muscle around the Broncos talented but weaker OL.....Timbo Bowens being in the game is important!
8. We need a breakout game from Madison and Surtain & our safties! Pressure Griese and gets the picks!
9. Speaking of Pressure, anyone else hoping to see Bates use a little more aggressive plan this week? It was pressure in the 4th quarter that beat Denver last time. Griese needs to go down often.
10. If Ricky gets going early I think we win Big!


Mar 7, 2002
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Weston, FL
1st place and last place schedules make almost no difference now with the re-alignment. It only determines 2 games.

You get 6 games against divisonal opponents.
You get 4 games against an NFC division (we have the NFC North)
You get 4 games against an AFC division (we have the AFC West)
You get 2 games (1 from each of the other two divisions you don't play against in your conference, in our case it's the AFC North and AFC South, our finish last year gave us at Indy and home against Baltimore) against teams based on your finish last year.

That means that the Patriots and Bills are playing the same schedule we are, with two different games. Not that big of a deal anymore.
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