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1972 Dolphin defense versus 2002 defense


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Apr 23, 2002
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I was watching some old film of the 1972 Dolphins. ESPN Classic rated them the best team ever and I agree. Here's the question: what defense is better the 1972 Dolphins or the 2002 Dolphins? I think the 2002 D is better, what do you guys think?
Yes the 2002 version are better because of the speed ans strength of today's defense.Not to take anything away from that 72 group but today's athelete's are just so much more stronger,faster,and athletic.I just wish the heart was more there like the older players had and we'd have the number 1 in the league.
I think the 2002 D is unquestionably better on paper. But the thing with the '72 D, as well as that entire team, is they were consistent and simply didn't make mental mistakes. They were so intelligent and well coached that they were rarely out of position. And they swarmed.
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The defense of the 72' team just played sound and mistake free defense! I just wish the would get more accolades for their accomplishments! Really!! Think about it!! They went undefeated!! No one outside the DOLPHIN relm appreciate that feat!!! I am sick of how they are not mentioned, on a regular basis, as the best team ever!! The only thing I know, if you took a test and didn't miss a question on the test, wouldn't you have the BEST SCORE????? No further questioning your honor!!! 72' DOLPHINS BEST EVER!!! BAR NONE!!!!
Different times... different talents

I think the '72 Defense was better...In their day... against the offenses of today, they it may be a different story. The '72 "no-name" defense, was a group of underatted, unkown players, none of which were "the best" at their respective positions... by themselves. However, as a TEAM they jelled so perfectly and seamlessly, each one making up for another's weaknesses, working together as a unit... it was poetry in motion!
The 2002 D is awesome in it's own right... different brand of football being played today. Bigger isn't always better anymore, and speed is a huge factor....
If we were to take each squad, and teleport them into each other's times... I don't know if either would be as successful...

What was my point anyway?
Now I forget....
Never mind....:goof:
Well it's hard to compare the two as both played completely different kinds of football. They also had different opposing teams with a different kind of mindset.

But I'm on the side with everyone else about them playing mentally clear and mistake free. They worked more as a team then 2002 team has. Either way, they both can kick some serious ass when needed too.
it is hard to be better than the no-names; and I would have them because of consistency in particular in the playoffs. However, if we had the running game in 2002 that they had in '72, 2002 would be at least as good
Am I missing something here.....has anyone seen the 2002 defense play yet???
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