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1st Half Observations


Mar 7, 2002
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Weston, FL
Alright I will admit right now, I didn't watch much of the Bucs game (about the first quarter) and since the Saints game wasn't on TV down here, I didn't watch any of it. I really only care about the first half of this game though anyways because the 3rd game of the pre-season is the only one in which the starters go longer than two series. But I did see many good things and a few minor mishaps.

First, Jay looked real nice (except for the misthrow he made when he got picked off way downfield) and he is still not 100% healthy and ready to go for the season, by the time the season starts, he should even be better.

Ricky Williams (I never followed the Saints or the Longhorns so I never really saw him play until tonight either) seems to look have a similar style to that of Lamar Smith's. The thing that seperates them though is how much faster and stronger Ricky really is. He likes to dance behind the line until the hole opens like Lamar did. But, it took Lamar an hour to get through the hole whereas Ricky is through it before you can blink. Ricky is just so amazingly faster than Lamar ever was. Also, Ricky can take three tacklers on his back and still keep moving forward. It looks to me like he was worth every guy we passed up with those draft picks we gave up.

This was also the first time I had seen Robert Edwards EVER play (practice or game) since his injury 3 years ago and the guy amazed me. When they flashed all those things that happened just to his one knee, it looked so painful I couldn't even read it (hell even if it didn't look painful, I wouldn't have been able to understand it, but you get my point). Now I believe he only touched the ball once (it was on a reception at the end of the half and if he got it some other time, I must have missed it), but every play he seemed to have been just as fast and just as strong as he was before his injury.

The o-line looked surprisingly good tonight so far. I know we lost two guys to injury (Wade is supposedly ok however) but they opened the holes for Ricky, and Ricky hit them. The entire offense as a unit looked in synch tonight and hopefully it will carry over to the regular season and this should produce many good things to come.

Defense looked good too. Nothing great that I can recall but they didn't give up any points. It is hard to tell how good they were really playing though since this was the Texans but I say since they didn't give up any big plays (thank god for penalties) they performed up to standards.

As I said earlier, hopefully the injuried to Wade and Smith aren't too serious. I guess we will find out tomorrow morning but let's hope for the best. We looked real good in the first half. I don't know if I will stick around to see the second stringers in the second half (may see a little of our new 3rd string QB) but from what I call as being the closest to a regular season game, we dominated the Texans everywhere. Good job boys.

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