‘2 Down Kiko Alonso’: A Canary In The Coal Mine


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Sep 5, 2011
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Well, it's relevant in pointing out just how long it's been since we had a couple of decent linebackers and to point out how easily we disposed of them...

The weakness we have in both area's DT and Linebacker could be problematic, teams that can run will run on us keeping the ball out of our offense's hands and beating the hell out of our defense. This coupled with the desire Gase has to run no-huddle offense sounds like it could be a recipe for disaster.

Possibly better solution would have been for us to strike a better balance with the FA we picked up, pay Albert Wilson and only pick up Danny Amendola if he was a bargain like half what we're paying him, offensive linemen, defensive end were good pickups...should have looked at the DT's and once Kendricks sprong lose at and at the right price he should have been brought on board. Could have added Hankins at possibly 5 mil and Kendricks 3.5 mil if we only handled the cap better and had patience.

We're going to end up dumping or trying to stash some very good young receivers on the practice squad and more than likely had Amendola at half the price if not oh well give one of the younger receivers a chance.

I have a problem with almost every contract Tannenbaum has handed out, overpaying doesn't get you more productions - if anything it gets you the exact opposite and gives you less cap room to maneuver. I wouldn't be New England but I would keep them hungry...
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