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2002 Draft: Any Idea What Sort Of Compensatory Picks We'll Receive?


Jan 24, 2002
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Given the amount of free agents we lost last year (Hec, we lost like 5 to New England alone), does anyone know what amount/round we can expect to get in compensatory picks? Ballpark is all I'm asking.

I suspect that we'll be in the top 2-3 teams awarded picks, perhaps giving us sufficient ammo to trade up into the first day of the draft (given we only have 2 picks, our 1st and 3rd, as of right now).
I thought I heard HERE we were getting two #3 picks. 1 for Webb and 1 for Trace.

Compensation picks are only awarded if UFAs lost > UFAs signed. Also, the player performance on the new team is part of the formula. Thus, Fins will NOT get a 3rd for Armstrong because he was injured MOST of the year and may not get a pick at all. Webb, at best, is worthy of a 5th or 6th. Also, players released and then signed by another team DO NOT count. They were not UFA until released....comp picks only are awarded for players who's contracts have been completed. NFL only awards compensation picks equal to the number of teams in the league...thus the total number of comp picks leaguewide will be 32. Not all teams will qualify for comp. picks

Bills will most likely receive a 3rd for the loss of DE Wiley....why? Because his contract was huge, he made the Pro Bowl, and Bills lost more UFAs than signed(actually signed ZERO). Spriggs signed with Fins, but his deal wasn't that large and he missed all the season...thus Bills will NOT receive a comp pick. Bills signed FB Centers AFTER his release by Wash thus he doesn't count in the compensation formula


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Also to add to our Clumped friends remarks, in case any of you were thinking we could package our comp picks in a trade, we can't.

We have to use those picks, they can't be traded.


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Compensation Formula

I have trying to get ahold of the compensation formula, but looking at the collective bargaining agreement from which it is driven, the bills fan is right about one thing, armstrong being out for the season will hurt, but its likely that we will get something for him based on his contract, and pro-bowl status. Also it is what you lost versus what you gained, people are forgetting that Larry Izzo is a pro-bowler, and sees some significant time on the field for the patriots, So you have Webb, Armstrong, Izzo, Robert Jones (or was he released), Rich Owens who started for K.C.?,
Against what we have gained comes down to Dedric Ward, Todd Perry, and James Mcknight. Only Mcknight will really hurt the equation, because we also lost shephard, emanuel...Lucas and Huard are a wash.

Also something that needs to be mentioned, you get a maximum of 4 comps, expect a 3 for webb, anywhere from a 3-5 for Armstrong, and two 6 or 7s.
One more thing

Any comp picks could allow us to trade some of our regular picks to move up in a round, or just take some prospects and try and build some more talent, we need lineman, a rb, a quarterback for the future...a lot more depth based on our injury histories

Did Armstrong make the Pro-Bowl THIS SEASON? NO!! You won't get a 3rd for Webb....his contract wasn't of the magnitude commensurate with 3rd compensation at best you'll get a 5th. If any of the players you listed were RELEASED, then they do not count in the compensation formula. If any of the guys listed as being signed by the Fins were RELEASED by their previous team....they will not hurt the Fins compensation formuls. If a team signs a UFA and then releases him.....player not factored into any teams comp formula

However, because of the total number of comp picks league wide is 32, it's possible for a team to receive a higher pick instead of 2 or 3 picks.

QB Lucas was RFA and thus doesn't count at all in the compensation formula....thus that HELPS the Fins.

Armstrong: didn't play this season=NO compensation(the player must contribute to the new team in order to qualify)
Izzo: special teamer but contract wasn't huge. Did he miss any games+at best a 6th
Webb: Webb is not UFA, thus he sign ed at least a 2 yr but I believe it was a 3yr deal with Cincy. He played all 16 games, however, he didn't make the Pro-Bowl and his contract wasn't huge, thus=at best a 5th.
Owens: I believe he missed a few games due to injury and started a few games and he an UFA again....=at besta 7th

D. Ward: missed about half the season....played OK when back=cancel out the 7th for Owens
Perry: How many games did he play? If he played the whole season, then cancel out the pick for Izzo
McKnight: played decent most of the season

According to this, I believe you'll get a comp pick somewhere at the end of the 5th or 6th. Any talk of 3rd or even the 4th is wishful thinking and totally lacking of merit.

Oh BTW: Leave it to a Bills fan to educate the Doll-Felons fans ;)

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You don't even know what a "clumpedplatelet" is?? It has nothing to do with paper plates!! :)
if you think i was referring to paper plates, you really DO have a problem!:lol:
Hey it is a very complicated guessing game when it comes down to this stuff. Clumped might be right, or he might be wrong. The only way to find out is to see what the NFL grants Miami.

Then it will end all talk.

So when do they announce the comp picks?
In April just before the draft!!!

I remember a few years back, on Friday night before the draft, the Bills had just their 7 picks(one in each rd). However, on Sat morning the Bills, along with some other teams, were are awarded 7th rd picks at the end of the draft. Why? Well, as I mentioned in an earlier post, the CBA allows for up to 1 full round of comp picks spread out thru the draft. That year(1998?), the comp formula only handed out about 20-25 picks, so the NFL realized that they were required to have more picks and decided to give them to the non-playoff teams.

I have the Bills getting a 3rd and the Fins a 6th but could end up a 5th. I forgot about Spriggs, but since he hardly played,Bills will most likely not get anything for him and Fins will not be hurt by his signing
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Oh BTW: Leave it to a Bills fan to educate the Doll-Felons fans ;)

And Oh BTW

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