***2018-19 Nhl Reg. Season Thread***


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Mar 13, 2006
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The Panthers do have an intriguing team. I would not be shocked if getting Q they become a contender within 3 years
It shouldn’t really take that long.... the Panthers have a ton of talent up front- it’s the D and goaltending that have been their problems. Bobrovsky should help their problem of keeping pucks out of their net immensely, the only thing is that contract probably won’t age too well.

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Sep 25, 2011
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Barkov is legitimately one of the best players in Hockey, and that first line with Huberdeau is ridiculous, but I'm not too excited for this team right now until I see how the off-season shakes out.

No depth scoring and defensively the team is kind of a hot mess. Although I put a lot of blame for the defensive struggles on coaching, can't escape the fact that you need another #1D to pair with Ekblad and then on top of that you simply can't put Yandle and Matheson out there together unless you want to break every record in the books for turnovers. So you either have Yandle third pairing (?) or you have Mike Matheson on that ridiculous contract... as a third pairing D.

The goaltending situation is a total cluster**** and I don't know how they're going to navigate that. Reimer has to be moved (will involve giving up picks to get salary off the books), yetLuongo is the bigger problem. He's simply not capable of playing at a high level anymore, but we're talking about a guy who is by far the most likely candidate for that elusive mark of "First Florida Panthers player to have his jersey number retired." I don't envy team management for what they're going to have to navigate this off-season with the goaltending in particular.

Other big issue nobody wants to talk about is that pursuing Panarin means the team won't be able to retain Mike Hoffman. I guess it would be hard to be upset about a Bobrovsky/Panarin double signing, but then there's no money for defense after you re-sign Dadonov. And if you sign Panarin you are absolutely re-signing Dadonov.
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