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Nov 6, 2013
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Clearly there is is plan in place.....what I don't know about that plan is several key items....

1. Where does Rosen fit into that plan? If the Dolphins have a different opinion of him than most on this site do, then we may already have their QB, which may explain why they aren't playing him. However, if Rosen isn't the "guy", then you have to go and get one this draft.

2. Who do we sign in Free Agency and what holes do we fill prior to the draft. That process will completely change the trajectory of the draft and who we target/take with our picks.

I think if they want Tua, he will still be available to us. I suspect the Bengals will take Burrows. However, I wouldn't be surprised at all if they didn't take a QB in round 1 based on their thoughts about Rosen.

Still a long way to go before this becomes clearer....


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Feb 26, 2004
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This notion that the Dolphins should pass on a QB in 2020 to target one in 2021 is absurd. We all saw how hard it is to target a QB in a given year. For one, its actually not easy to get the #1 overall pick. This roster was absolutely gutted. It looks like an expansion team, and the Dolphins still managed to win enough games to possibly knock them out of Top 5. Additionally, we saw how one freak injury can severely alter the landscape of draftable QBs.

There are just too many variables to control which is why when you are drafting high and need a QB you should just go ahead and take your shot.

It's doubly naive to just think the Dolphins can just trade up for the #1 overall pick, especially in a year with a transformational talent like Lawrence. The team that lands the #1 pick likely has a **** QB and won't trade the pick for anything. Waiting for 2021 is just delaying any sort of progress for a gamble. No guarantees they'd even be in position to take a QB with half the talent of the ones available to them this year. It's a gamble a coaching staff can't afford to take. It's just another year waiting for development.

Also, if they draft a QB in 2020, it doesn't mean they need to play them right away. Given the state of the roster, I think they should sit whoever they draft for the entire year and let the rest of the roster be built up and gel. Let Rosen take the knocks for the whole year and see if maybe even he develops in Year 3.
I agree with you 100%. But to add, I'm not advocating for skipping on drafting a QB in 2020. At some point Miami needs to select one. If the QB cupboard for 2020, becomes barren due to players returning to school it makes it more difficult in 2020, but at the same time strengthens the class for 2021. I agree they need to take a QB in the upcoming draft. The question is when and who. The answer depends on who's available and what grade of talent they are will determine when Miami potentially selects them. It could possibly mean a lower type talent in 2020 to groom and jumping on a higher end talent that's available in 2021?


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Mar 14, 2016
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With a ton of cash to spend in FA and picks galore, we have a ton of opportunity to turn this around, especially with a coach I'm finally excited about. I believe this should be done in the next 2 drafts.

Priority #1 - Fix the OL -use most resources here
Priority #2 - Get pass rushers
Priority # 3- Get a running back
Priority #4 - Get a safety

NO QB changes for 2019. Invest in the line play. No rookie QB would survive behind this line. Perhaps Rosen can finally have a year to play behind a solid OL, if not, I'm fine with Fitz for one more year.

2021 - Trade draft picks to get the #1 QB once we see we have a competent OL (Trevor Lawrence most likely).
That's a little to specific for me. I agree OL, Edge (not just pass rushers, but SET the edge), CB are priority, but I'd add QB. BUT, I wouldn't prioritize within that group. In FA, get top third players at any of those positions possible, but don't ignore other upgrades just because they're not high priority. Draft day, target BPA within the remaining priority group.
Maybe I'm prejudiced (I am), but I see Miami picking no higher than #12 in '21. There will be teams in the top 4 that will be QB-hungry, Odds are the team with the #1 pick will be one of them. If not, it would take too many picks for Miami to outbid other teams. At this point we have to trust Flo et al in their evaluations. Get the best QB they can in '20 without paying an exorbitant ransom.
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