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2nd half?


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Aug 4, 2004
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Why did it seem that near the end of last season and early this season the Dolphins were able to make halftime adjustments, which was a welcome reprieve from the Sporano era. Since week 3 we have a serious lack of halftime adjustments and I'm confused as to why. Does this fall on Philbin or is it a combination of Philbin and Sherman? I see alot of conservative playcalling in the 2nd half and was wondering if it's due to already maintaing a lead and hoping they can eeke out a win. Thoughts?
Philbin's halftime speech is probably him crediting the other team like he does every post game speech.
Here are some stats for the second half meltdowns.

• In the past 7 games Miami has not scored a 4th qtr TD
• In the past 7 games Miami has only scored three second half offensive TD’s (they have scored 2 defensive second half TD’s in this stretch).
• In the past 7 games Miami has been outscored 94-51 in the second half (in this same time frame Miami has outscored opponents 87-60 in the first half) and remember, 16 of those pointes were off defensive TD’s and a safety.
• In the past 7 games Miami has had the lead or been tied at half five times (the other two they were down by 3 to Buffalo and 2 to TB).

To me, this is 100% coaching and the lack of halftime adjustments. Even with all the injuries and locker room issues Miami has had the chance to win every game but one this season, and if we had a real NFL level coaching staff Miami would be sitting atop of the AFC East. I never want Miami to lose but if it means ridding the Dolphins of Uncle Fester and his amateur staff of merry men coaches then I hope they lose out.
Oh, they are making halftime adjustments...they are just the wrong adjustments. It sucks when you score all your points in the first half and come out flat in the second.
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