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3 plays that bothered me, 3 plays that got me excited


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Apr 25, 2010
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Let's start with the bad.
1. The play where Garrard got hurt. Grant had a great spin move, and got some pressure. It may of been an imcompletion, but it shouldn't have been. Vontae showed me some of the worse techinque I've seen in a while. He doesn't backpedal, stops his feet, whiffs while trying to press late (that's what happens when you stop your feet), and Williamson runs an easy slant. Techinque like that will get you beat nearly everytime.
2. The long completion to Mike Thomas. It looked like we were playing cover three, but I can't be sure. McCown lobs a pass over linebackers, and it appears like Smith was playing way too consevative. Bothersome that niether Clemons or Smith could make a play on an underthrown ball like that. This is a problem Smith had last year, so that worries me a lot to countinue seeing the trend.
3.The long cutback run by Jennings. Now keep in mind this was against the 2nd team, but there is some guys of that team we are going to have to depend on. Ike Alama-Francis couldn't have played this one any worse. Walden the strongside linebacker does a good job of closing causing Jennings to cutback. Ike is playing on the inside of a slot receiver on the other side. The slot comes out, and nearly knocks Ike on his ***. Ike tries to recover and falls down. I'm still not sure what the front office sees in this guy. Disappointed with his play in both games so far.
Now the good.
1. The screen pass to Jennings on third down. This was great defense all around. Starks trails Jennings causing a lineman to pick him up (little things like that make defenses great). Dobbins and Clemons both have great pursuit to the ball. Clemons is on the outside hip of the lead blocker, Dobbins on the inside hip, and Jennings has nowhere to go. That was textbook team defense by those two.
2. The second touchdown pass to Fasano. This one was all on Henne. The great footwork by him took the rush from Harvey out of the play. And then the high back-shoulder throw is placed only where Fasano can catch it. Depsite the good coverage by the linebacker and pressure in his face, Henne throws a great touchdown pass.
3. The six yard loss on MJD. Wake closes on the ball very well. MJD cuts back, Bell comes up in the only gap MJD has. Misi doesn't get sucked in, keeps his outside contain causing MJD to strech it even farther outside. Vontae is there for the easy tackle. Vontae may have been the end result of the play, but Wake, Misi, Bell are played it extremely well.


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Oct 25, 2009
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I thought the defense played pretty well besides those few plays. I think the young corners will learn from these experiences.
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