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3 Words for Rex


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Dec 12, 2001
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Albany, NY
STAY IN SCHOOL! He has all the ability of a great passer, but is far far off from being a first round draft pick. He did 2 things that will make his draft status drop like a rock if he doesn't correct them.

1. He locks on his WR. When the Gators had first and goal from the six, he locked on his receiver on consecutive plays. The first one was a fade pattern to Jacobs in the end zone. The second was obviously when he threw the int that went the other way for 99 yards. That same play would have went for six for the Gators if he first looked off the d with a long glance to the out side before going over the middle.

2. The 2nd is he feels the hit before it happens. He short arms throws and doesn't get a solid release stance when preasure is comming. It is probably the hardest thing for a young QB to learn, but you have to give up your body sometimes and deliver the pass with confidence dispite preasure from the D. That is the main reason Farve and Werner have excelled as they have because they ignore the hit no matter how menacing it may be.

There is no way that Rex will fix this by the end of the year, and really needs the extra year at UF to fix it.
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