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50 yards on the run


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Dec 12, 2001
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Now that I am removed fro mtodays game, and all that is important is that Miami won, I can marvell at Mike Vick. He throw a pass right on the money 50 yards down field while running. No other qb I have ever seen would be able to make that throw. There are some qbs that couldn't throw the ball 50 yards sitting in the pocket(Jay Feidler is 1). I was very impressed w/ Vick after he had a chance to settle in to the game. I can't beleave how easily he can just rocket a ball down feild with so much accuracy. Then if he wants he can tuck it away, and run past the whole defense. He is going to be great, and I think that is an under statement. He is(or will be) like watching Tiger Woods play golf or MJ play ball in his day.
lol...hell M.J. put up 51 points on Saturday, it's still his day! :D

although Michael Vick is an exrememly talented athlete, his lack of making the right choices will ultimately be his downfall as an NFL Q.B. He is extremely exciting and gifted, but not a starting NFL Q.B. With enough time and experience I think he WOULD be a good NFL Q.B.....unfortunatly, most teams don't want to wait 2-3 yrs. to develop a Q.B. Look at San Diego!!!!!!!! They won't put Drew Brees in....and theyre going nowhere! See what happens
Vick will be a really good QB, but you will see that he will throw tons of interceptions every year. He makes a lot of bad decisions, if he changes that he will be one of the best.
Vick is still a Rook who has not played that much - so his performance was impressive. I am not sure he can throw intermediate routes that well, but he sure as hell can throw the deep ones; and they is not a player in the NFL on D that is as fast as him. He will be a tough one to stop in a couple of years.
You guys need to relax w/saying he will throw a bunch of ints. He is 22, and only played 2 years of college ball. When he understands the game it will be scary what he can do. Not to mention the offense he led yesterday was built for Chandler at QB what is going to happen when the offense revolves around Vick. To who ever mentioned his intermediate routes, he threw 3 intermediate passes yester day all 3 were right on the $, and thrown w/just the right amount of touch.
i was told..........

that the first offensive play of the game, jay threw an INT. if that were the case, and multiple INT games seem to be his specialty, i would have pulled that sucker so fast you wouldn't have even known he was the starter!:mad:
it was a tipped pass 06, so it is hard to pin it on Jay. If he throws it just an inch wider, it's complete to Weaver for a decent gain.

That is if Weaver held onto the ball, and didn't fumble. :D
06 that shows what kind of coach you would be since he didn't throw another int in the game. The pass was an ill ivised pass, but I don't think he had a decent understanding of his injury yet. It was the last big chance he took for the rest of the game. Every qb in the nfl makes mistakes what is important is how you respond, and he did fine. The major issue yesterday w/our offense was the lack of pass protection, and our wrs were just no where near 100%. I doubt gadsen should have even of played he looked as though he was in a lot of pain. Mcknight also seemed about 2 steps slower.

i'm kinda tired of trying to pin it on one person, if i were going to do so, chan would be the target of my wrath, followed closely by wanny for not changing something thats not working. i can't even remember what show i was watching, but they were saying the defense had problems that they had only seen on hi-school teams. i can't make a judgement since i didn't see the darn game! all i know is something is broke and they've waited too damn long to fix it now, might as well go into the playoffs and get blown out in the second round. doesn't make much difference if they have a first round bye or not. if they don't, at least we'll be able to see em win one more game!:rolleyes:
i already know what kind of coach........

i'd make, since i coached kids for 11 years. never was a good O coach though but i never had a defense rated lower than third in the league. but it doesn't take a genius to know that all QB's do make mistakes, but when you make the same mistakes for 2 yrs, something is wrong. NOW, TELL ME I'M WRONG!!!!!!!!:mad:
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