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8th Best.....who'da thunk it?

I think a lot of it has to do with Tua's release and our O's style but so happy to see it. Low sack/pressure rate, big runs, and huge blocks can be seen during games. I still would like an experienced backup center but if Eich holds up against that Eagles dline those words shall never pass my lips again. Seriously. this is awesome and it's about time. Another check for progress on a soon to be championship team.
You would prefer us ranked 30th like last year by them?
I think it's more a matter of perceived hypocrisy by some, rather than a preference of where we should be ranked.

The point is if one is going to give credence to PFF, then apply it unilaterally, good or bad.

Nothing wrong with the observation of there seemingly being a double standard, IMO.

As far as their grading, specifically?

There are obvious reasons their system has flaws, but they are really the only game in town and they put it in the work.
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