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A 7th, a 6th, and a 5th


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Apr 29, 2009
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A 7th:Maurice Alexander, Senior, Strong Safety, Utah State

Mo Alexander is a natural athlete and an explosive player around the line of scrimmage (3 ½ sacks and 9 TFL ). He’s a big safety (6’1, 220 with 32 5/8” arms). He can and did play deep—both in 2-deep and single-high, and he possesses the necessary speed (4.54) to do it in the pros. But he’s best in the box. You might attribute his low INT total (1) to his small hands (8 7/8”). His 6 PBU’s indicate that he is active in the passing game.

His explosive play in the box is backed by outstanding physical talent (38” vertical, 10’3 broad). Perfect SS for a team looking for a distinct SS, one that spends most of his time in the box.

Pro comp? Kam Chancellor. Not quite as big as Kam, Alexander is a better athlete and suited for a similar role as a physical enforcer. After watching Alexander, I think he could have been a Day 2 draft pick. Unfortunately, that’s the problem. Juco transfer as a sophomore in 2011, he had an OK first year as a LB, was dismissed from team after punching a teammate in the eye, before returning as a very good FS for the 2013 season. With his issues and lack of experience, you get an high-level athlete and natural player at very nice discount.

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