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A Mock Draft with Backup Options

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Apr 29, 2003
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Assuming Alex Smith goes to the 49ers and we are unable to trade out of the #2 slot.

1) Round 1, #2: Braylon Edwards, WR, 6'3, 210 - It's a bit of a question as to whether he is the best WR on the board, or best player. I love Cadillac and would slot him as a 2nd option here. But, overall, it looks like he's the best player here.

2) Round 3, #70: JJ Arrington, RB, 5'10, 214 - We would be fortunate if he fell out of round 2, I believe. If we purchased a "Cadillac" in round 1, I would hope we could get Chris Henry, WR, from West Virginia. He has outstanding potential. Another long-shot option here would be Adrian McPherson, QB.

3) Round 4, #104: Anttaj Hawthorne, DT, 6'3, 321 - Early 2nd round talent, but he falls b/c of Mary-jane use. We need a guy to replace the oft injured, aging DT's. I might even go for this guy in round 3. He could be this year's Will Poole. I would also strongly consider Adrian McPherson, QB, 6'3, 218 here. It really is a tossup for me on this selection if both were available.

4) Round 5, #138: Travis Claridge, OLB/ILB, 6'2, 254 - Good size and can play either OLB or ILB. Two others at the same position to consider here: Johnathan Welsh, DE/OLB, 6'2, 244 or Ryan Riddle, 6'2, 256 - as potential DE, OLB types. If we don't go RB in round 3 or 1, then I would hope for Darren Sproles, RB, 5'6, 187. If McPherson is still on the board, it would be hard to pass him up here.

5) Round 7, #216: (This position is next to impossible to predict as to who will or won't be here, so I'll list 3-4 players - you either want a special teams guy or a guy with some potential but was knocked down for some reason): Justin Beriault, SS, 6'2, 204 - tough, can add bulk and has okay speed; Matt Grootegoed, S/OLB, 5'10, 218 - he's just a tough football player; Karl Paymah, CB, 6'0, 204 - 4.35 speed and looks good in drills. Will likely be gone by this time but if you can get that speed in round 7, go for it; Stefan Leflors, QB, 6'0, 208 - size downgrades him but he is a great athlete with an accurate arm and a winner. If we don't get a QB before this, I'd give him a shot if he is available.

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As you can see my X-factor player is Adrian McPherson. I really like his size and physical ability. He is in the mold of a McNabb/Culpepper type - very athletic with a great arm and can add a lot of dimensions to a passing game that the average QB cannot.

I would be pretty happy with these guys. But, I think this really shows the difficulty of drafting when you only have 5 picks, and why a team should always try to have 7+ picks in the draft, imo. I also realize I'm stretching it on a few picks, hoping that a couple of guys will fall, but there's no doubt that players will fall - they always do. Sometimes, for good reason, of course. But, Will Poole is a good example of a guy who could become a very good player.
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