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A new RW to Miami - sort of


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Sep 4, 2001
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from Kamla Unfiltered: Match Game

Match No. 2 – Ricky Watters and the Dolphins: You thought the other Ricky was going to Miami, didn’t you? Well, you may be right, but indulge me this match for the purposes of this piece. When you think about Watters signing with the Dolphins, it makes sense. Sure, he’s coming off the worst season of his career, he’ll be 33 in April, and he won’t come cheaply, but his veteran – and versatile – presence in the backfield and locker room is exactly what the Dolphins need to get over the hump. Make no mistake, Watters has at least two years left on his finely-tuned engine. Should this match happen, I would be all over the elder Ricky in August.

p.s. he likes Lamar on the Texans - fine w/me

Watters is not getting a big contract to come here since we simply do not have the $$$
Old RW vs. Young RW

I won't be terribly upset if the 'Fins get a hold of Watters but chances are they won't pull the trigger on a deal for an aging veteran like Watters. If they're going to mortage the farm it's going to be on a younger talent with a longer up side. Somehow I don't believe that either one of the Ricky's are going to be headed to 'Fin-town though. Wannstedt has proven that he's not much of a risk taker and would rather try to develop the "talent" that he has rather than bring in a potential impact player with a large price tag.

Who knows though, maybe this latest annual playoff blowout will have pushed him just far enough to take some risks. Hopefully that is the case but I have my doubts. I guess we'll all just have to wait and see.
Originally posted by iceblizzard69
Watters is old and he will want a lot of money. Signing him would be a bad idea.
1 thing is for sure, if he wants a lot of money from the Fins, he will have too look elsewhere
Watters at the veterans minimum that would be the only way he would carry the rock at Pro player. The question is,, can Watters lead by example or is he still the big mouthed older version of T Owens and R Moss ???? Marino1983
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