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A package deal ?

This is quite a pipe dream but as long as we're in fantasy land why not dream big. Imagine having an offense with Williams in the backfield, Chambers in the #1 WR spot, Gonzales at TE, Searcy, Wade, Dixon, and Ruddy all playing at the top of their game, and Feidler staying in the zone he was in for the second half of last season; one word: UNSTOPABLE!!
I am going to say Chambers will make more of an impact on this team then Moss will for his this season.

Moss may have more yards simply because he has a QB who can flat toss the rock 60-70 yards downfield, but Chambers will come up with more big plays. Heck, Chambers average was a whole 3 yards more than Moss's last season.

I'll take the "other" number 84 thank you. :)
Yeah, but whowas throwing the ball to Moss last year?!?!? Not Culpepper for at least half of it. Spergoen Wynn sucks, and so Todd Bouman!!!
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