A potential pot of gold at the end of this season?


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Jun 2, 2004
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His career stats are strong:

And, a good QB is supposed to shred bad teams. He has also shredded good teams, and basically goes up against an NFL defense every practice in that he plays for Alabama. He isn’t injury Prone in that he hasn’t missed very many games so far at least and he looks like he is potentially a generational talent.

So much hate for this kid, I don’t get it? Or maybe we should bring Ryan Tannehill back?
Not saying he won’t be good... just saying he has college footballs best supporting cast around him and that he is not prototype NFL QB...doesn’t mean he won’t be great...but I want to see all the 2019 QB’s before I tab him the #1 overall pick.


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Aug 13, 2011
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I love what i'm seeing in this years tua and the offense he is running, More of a pro style west coast then the run and gun bama has mostly been running.. Tua looks incredible and i can definitly see some steve young in the way he plays as a lefty not to mention his pocket presence is really good right now too. I was skeptical but i really believe in him after watching him this season..

I like Fromm but a kid to really keep your eye on is this gordon kid from WSU.. He's a senior never took snaps till this season but he is gonna skyrocket up the draft boards just watch.
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