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A Prediction


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Dec 26, 2004
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I've been watching the NFL drafts a very long time now...but this may go down as the craziest NFL draft ever....you have players that on some teams are rated high...and on other teams rated low. This can only breed uncertainty...and where you have uncertainty....you are going to have one heck of a crazy draft....so my prediction is....drum roll.....there will be at least FIVE trades just in the first round....teams are going to move up and move down...can't wait to see what happens in the second round...wow.

Now just for us Dolphin fans....I predict that whomever Saban selects...we Dolphin fans will be happy. Just in case...I miss ya later....Have a Great and Happy draft!!



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Feb 2, 2005
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I think what has happened is that since there is no consensus top pick, coupled with the fact that the top 15 players rated by most everyone else are very close (ratings wise) that the teams that feel they are just a player or two away from getting over that hump are falling in love with certain players at the top of the draft. Whereas the bad teams, SF, us, Cleveland realize that there isn't that "franchise" player worth a top 3 selection and that more players are the way to go for the money that'll be spent on signing bonus'.

Teams that feel they are close are willing to spend that extra bonus money on the top 3 spots because they are close.

Basically I think if we trade with anyone it'll be with the likes of the phili's and San Diego's who feel they just need one of those top players. NOW, do I think we'll trade with them....I have no idea. I still like the idea of trading with cleveland down one spot so they can have Edwards and we pick up and 2nd from them. Just an idea.
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