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Abraham signs with NYJ


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Mar 8, 2002
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Donnie Abraham just signed with the Jets. Will start opposite Mickens for an above average secondary. That just improved the team by about 2 wins and put them in the playoff picture. Big pick up. If they pick up a good S and a good DT, they will have one of the best Defenses in the AFC. Also, Trev Faulk just signed with Denver.
Abraham has lost a bit in the past 2 seasons or so, he got beat out by Brian Kelly for a starting spot last year. He is better than anything the Jets have tho. They have Abraham, Beasley, Mickens, and J Henderson at corner now, and Sam garnes at safety. Ferfuson is back as a good run stopping DT and Ellis will be moving back inside to his weaker DT position. Jets think that Ellis is a bust at DE, thus the high DE draft pick.
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The Jets still have to fear Ricky, and Chambers.
, but they have a better Punter than us :rolleyes: :lol:
Ellis will still be starting at DE, but on passing downs he'll move inside to rush over the G. His rookie season when he played a DE in the 3-4 that's where he rushed from and it resulted with 8.5 sacks in limited playing time. Our new DE, Thomas is an Abraham clone, only faster and taller. He'll back up both and rush from Ellis' spot on passing downs. Add the original Abe and Ferguson from NT and that's a pretty good pass rush. Our Defense is rebuilt with players better suited for Herm's cover 2 and ready to rock. Sam Adams and Larry Webster (remember him?) are still in talks with us. Sam would be an obvious help, but Webster is the more likely pick up.

Our new defense for 2003:

DE Abraham (Steve White)
DT Ferguson (Reed, guy we signed from NE)
DT Harper (Ellis 3rd downs, Webster?, Moore)
DE Ellis (Thomas)

WLB Cowart (Darling)
MLB Jones (Cowart, Moses)
SLB Lewis (Glenn)

CB Abraham (Mickens)
FS Robinson (McGraw)
SS Garnes (Ferguson)
CB Beasley (Henderson)

P Turk
PR Moss (sweet)

LB looks a little thin, but if Sam can stay healty he's a top 5 'backer. Abraham and Beasley might not look like upgrades, but they are. Glenn and Coleman were lost in Herm's zone defense. They were man-to-man guys. The new one's are made for the cover 2. Our team speed is greatly improved and our horrible 3rd down defense looks awesome(on paper). Our great depth at DE should come in handy in the Miami heat. Can you say fresh pass rushers? See you in September!
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