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All aboard the Canes Pain Train


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Sep 4, 2001
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Nebraska is out of it! Miami's gotta clean house tomorrow, especially after last year. What can I say Huskies? Payback's a bitch.:D The Canes are in total control of their destiny this year so they better take advantage of it. I predict a smackdown maybe not as bad as last weekend, but the Huskies will be hurtin after this game.:evil: Saturday Night, ABC 8pm Eastern.

C A N E S #1 !!!!
JayDog, don't underestimate........

the Huskies. They have a quality team and the Canes overlooked them last year and look what happened. All I'm saying is that I don't believe Miami will blow out the Huskies. I'm a die hard seminole fan and I don't like Miami. If it came down to Miami vs. Florida in the Rose Bowl, I'd seriously root for the Canes. I hate Miami, but I hate those f****** gators even more. Spurrier has the nerve to alledge that Bobby had Darnell Dockett intentionally try to injure Earnest Graham. Spurrier is an a**wipe and I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire.:lol:

:monkey: Steve Spurrier
I think it is gonna be a close game today, but Miami will win it, and will easily be number 1 in the BCS poll, AP, ESPN poll, they will be number 1 in all of them! Nebraska lost! And I hate the Gators more than any other team, I really wanted the Noles to beat them, honestly!!!!

:monkey: Nebraska

:monkey: Florida Gators

Yeah it should be a good game and considering Miami has never beaten Washington, that just raises the stakes for the Canes. I'd love to see Florida play Miami again this year in a bowl game. We beat the hell out of 'em last year. If certainly wouldn't be as easy this year though. Grossman is a much better QB than last year.
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