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Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports' started by TheRook, Dec 5, 2017.

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    I just had to post this somewhere because I've not had anything like this happen before, and I suppose it's one of the reasons I bother to play Fantasy Football.

    So I just got in one of the free ESPN leagues this season, and my team isn't that good (drafted Beckham #1 and Ajayi #2). But this last weekend was the last regular season game and I found myself in a battle for 4th place, which is the last playoff spot in the league. I was tied with the team I was playing for that spot, so whoever won was basically in. But our teams were incredibly close. Our previous game was decided by less than 2 points and we were within 3 points of each other in overall points.

    Which takes me to last night's game. I am behind by 11.5 points (with the new ESPN scoring tenths of points) and I have the Pittsburgh D and their kicker. We were also the top two scoring teams in our league for the we were going to finish 1 and 2 in scoring in the week, with one going to the playoffs and the other going home. Anyway, last night's game was a lot more fun (and hopefully for my opponent, too) because of the crazy back and forth nature of the game. In the waning minutes, after Pittsburgh came back with a few FG's (and 2 PAT's), giving my kicker 8 points and the D 1 point (on one sack, giving up 20 points and between 200 and 350 yards) I'm down 2.5 and the game score is 20 to 20 with the Bengals having the ball and 347 total yards. They get an 8 yard run on 2nd and 10, which makes my D go down to 0 points. Now I need a 40+ FG to win the game. But on the next play, the Steelers get a sack, giving me my point back AND getting the ball back to the Steelers for hopefully the winning FG. But even that last second FG, which won me the game, was was a 43 yarder (which would be harder, but give me 4 points, which I didn't need now because of that sack, but it could have been important)...but then the Bengals jump offsides, making the FG worth just 3 points, which is fine for me now...and an easier FG. Anyway, I won 114.5 to 114, but things had to break perfectly for me in the final minutes...which they did.
    I would have had fun had it gone either way. I was just laughing at how crazy the whole concept of fantasy sports is and how it makes you root for the craziest things.

    Now maybe I can hope things break that well for Miami's crazy playoff hopes, too...

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