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Another Mock Draft


I love Mindwarp
Nov 5, 2004
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Akron, OH
Trade down and get multiple picks. Stop worrying about the "one guy" at 9 who can turn our fortunes around! wE NEED MORE THAN ONE GUY!!

It's almost as easy to trade down, as it would be likely for CJ to fall to 9. Do some of you people even realize how many things have to work out for draft day trades to happen? Especially trading out of the Top 10 and getting fair value?


Mr. Germany
Mar 14, 2006
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I like Patrick Willis... but I dont know where he would fit in, in our defense? He is a natural ILB... and we need an OLB. He has the athleticism to play OLB... but we already have a natural ILB who we are playing at OLB because he can get by on his athleticism(Crowder).

We would essentially have 3 MLBs playing at one time...

But he is sick. If we can make it work... I'm game. I just dont know if we could... and be maximizing our LB's talents and strengths...

yeah, willis can play all positions, he's very athletic and quick and a great tackler. we could also draft rufus alexander in the 2nd round, if he's still available or another quick pass rushing olb in the 3rd. we could also play more 3-4 defense with slb crowder, ilb #1 thomas, ilb #2 willis, wlb alexander, that would be a sick lb combination!


Practice Squad
Feb 7, 2006
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Not too bad, except at the top.

I did this mock of just the teams that are not in the playoffs because that is definatly set at who picks were. Tell me wat you think.

1Oakland Raiders
Brady Quinn

2Detroit Lions
Joe Thomas

3Cleveland Browns#
Adrian Peterson

4Tampa Bay Buccaneers#
Calvin Johnson

5Arizona Cardinals
Gaines Adams

6Washington Redskins
Alan Branch

7Minnesota Vikings
Leon Hall

8Houston Texans
Marshawn Lynch

9Miami Dolphins
Patrick Willis

10Atlanta Falcons
Reggie Nelson

11San Francisco 49ers
Darelle Revis

12Buffalo Bills
Dwayne Jarett

13St. Louis Rams
Laron Landry

14Carolina Panthers
Paul Posluszny

15Pittsburgh Steelers
Levi Brown

16Green Bay Packers
Ted Ginn Jr.

17Jacksonville Jaguars
Marcus Mccauley

18Cincinnati Bengals
Demarcus Tyler

Tennessee Titans
Amobi Okoye

Calvin Johnson is one of the best players to come out in the past 20 or so years. If the Raiders don't take him (and they probably will) then someone will trade up for that pick. Moss and/or Porter are gone. Al Davis hasn't taken a first round QB in about 30 years and Quinn isn't good enough to make him start now. He doesn't want a player who's star might exceed his. I would therefore go with Calvin and Quinn to the Lions. You'll also see Brohm or Jamarcus Russell go in the top 20 possibly as high as 3 to the Browns. I like the Dolphins pick of Willis to replace Spragan and get younger, but they could go a number of ways there with a Cb, T or Qb probably in the mix. Good post.
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