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Anyone attending Draft Day at Javits in NYC?


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Mar 10, 2004
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I am debating whether or not to attend the draft this weekend. I live in Brantford, Ontario and my buddies have all backed out at the last minute. If I leave town after work Fri. evening I should be in NYC around 4:00 am. I know they start giving out wristbands at 6:00 am. I guess I was just wondering if there are any other Fin fans headed down this weekend. Also, is this early enough to show up for a decent number ( 4;00 am) ?
Sorry if this is not the right forum. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks. :)
I was also thinking of going Ilive in S.Jersey and could be there in about an to an hour and a half. But Ive been doing some reading and a lot of people say how boring it can be. If the fins don't trade down and don't deal Surtain we could be sitting for a long time between picks. I'm not sure I want to stand outside for two hours to get to the front of the line and have them say "sorry, we are full"!
So you just have to wait in line and hope you get in...i thought you had to pay for tickets or something
Honestly, guys, in my opinion -- watch from home. That place is loud, hot and crowded. At home you get up to date info on trades, analysis and updates.

Just my opinion though.
i live 5 minutes outside the city and been thinking about going but waiting on line for hours and **** doesn't seem like a good idea to me, haha ima just go to a friends house whos having a draft party, rocking the chambers jersey ready to celebrate...
I am 95% sure admission is free. I was also worried about the boredom factor; but after reading the blurb on ; it states there is full ESPN coverage on large screens plus the"green room" draftee's ( all the big names from the top ten should be on hand) plus former and current NFL players. For a hardcore fan like myself; I think it is one of those things that should be experinced at least once!
I've been to the draft twice, when it was at the theater in MSG. Good time, plenty to keep you interested. I won tickets both years from the radio, had great seats about 10 rows from Berman, Thiesman and Kiper's desk. They give you a bag full of stuff. I can say I went had a good time, have no real interest in going again.
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