Anyone listen to the Blitz report last night?


Mar 10, 2004
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Great show, for those of us not blessed enough to live in south beach or the state of Florida for that matter, this is a great show. We get to talk and listen to nothing but Dolphins stuff. Fo those of us stuck in a city where the team is not Miami's this is a much welcome show. I live in S.Jersey and all I hear is Eagles this and Phillys that and thats to be expected, but having a show that deals with just Dolphins news is absolutley priceless. I called in last night to give my two cents and the guys that run the show are great very knowledgeable and funny. They will invite anyone from anywhere to voice an opinon and will battle football knowledge with the best of them. Last night was the only show for a few months but to have the chance to talk Fin ball with the draft just days away was a lot of fun. I hope all were tuned in last night and you can bet your A** I'll be there for the next show come fall ball.
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