Are we going to Win A Game Without Jay?


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Aug 19, 2002
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Northern California
Unfortuanately I do not think we are capable of winning a game until Jay comes back. Teams will stack up the line and stop Ricky and force Ray/Sage to beat them which neither has shown the ability to. I think how we play the last 5-6 games with Jay will determine our playoff chances which may be as a Wild Card. Again.
With Jay I think we are the best Team in the NFL but without him even our Defense is not the same. Our Offense is built to complement our Defense and Special Teams and without Jay it is not possible. I do realize Jay has his limitations but at least he plays decent every 3 out of 4 games. It is sad because I thought we had finally put together a Team capable of going all the way but this injury to Jay may ruin that.


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Oct 10, 2001
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I believe we will step it up a notch this week.Ray will be playing his old team, and will have some practice time to improve upon last nights performance.(okay, he wasn't impressive, but he was better than the Buffalo game)
I also believe that the rest of the team will step it up a notch.They don't wanna lose to the Jets especially.
Now, outside of Ray, I think it is obvious that the rest of the team must play better to take up his slack, and make his job a bit easier.That is what championship caliber teams do.Every TEAM has their struggles, but a good TEAM comes together and masks their weaknesses well.
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