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Are we just "renting" Norv?


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Aug 16, 2002
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Normally, I'm the first to hand worry warts a hanky and tell them to dry up. But one answer in Alex Marvez's latest Q&A bothered me.

Marvez states that though Norv Turner is under contract through 2005 (a year longer than Wannstedt, BTW), the Dolphins will probably let him interview for head coaching vacancies after this season.

Yikes! :eek: Does this scare anyone else? I'm going to have to kick my rooting for the Cowboys up a notch, since Norv would be a prime candidate for that job if Campo's woes continue.
Yeah it scares me, but if he is this successful, and doesn't ant to ruin what he has going he'll stay. The problem is that when he is a head coach, his defense normally sucks, because his brain is on the offense. I think we should keep him longer.
Originally posted by DrAstroZoom

Yikes! :eek: Does this scare anyone else?
losing to the Colts scares me as long as Norv stays until the end of the year without taking at job in georgia or someplace, I am fine. :calm: Let's just savor Norv while we have him since there is nothing we can about him leaving to become a HC
Norv is certainly good enough of coaching an NFL team. We should be thrilled to have such a coach working on our offense.
Originally posted by DrAstroZoom
I'm going to have to kick my rooting for the Cowboys up a notch, since Norv would be a prime candidate for that job if Campo's woes continue.

The Cowboys must be one of the last places Norv would want to go after his experience with the Redskins and their owner.
I would think if Norv keeps putting up 49 points with the offensive line we have and average talent at WR and QB we would be lucky to make it to the end of the season with out him interveiwing for jobs. All that is really important is that we win the SB then if Norv leaves and our offense goes back to mediorcre i could handle a few years of that.
I wonder how it is for Norv. He has been a HC in the NFL and I am sure there is more enjoyment out of being one or the other. I do not doubt that Norv will be given the opportunity to be a HC again. I only hope that Dave Shula takes some notes, or we can somehow get a Norv disciple in here to take over when he leaves.

So in summary, I am not sure Norv will jump at any NFL HC job, been there done that...he will more than likely wait for the right job...or WORSE take a college HC job. Those jobs are good for millions a year for 10 years or so.
I think it all depends on Norv if he want to be a head coach he'll get offers but I think it will have to be the right offer. He's not going to jump on the 1st offer exp. whould he want to coach Detriot with the organzation they have
Are we renting Norv???

Yes, we are. But in a sense we "rent" everybody on our roster. We own no one. THe real question is the length to which we "rent" Norv. Hopefully its for the long term. I am quite sure Dave will get a contract extension, he is a fine coach and a young guy. I seriously doubt Norv would coach in Dallas. I make sh*t money now and I would jump at the chance to have an NFL job. But I would NOT take a job in Dallas as the HC. Hell if Campo is gone soon, Jerry will just promote himself to HC. He already makes all the decisions, and I am sure that Coslet and Avezano are smart enough to not take the HC job. JMO:D
Personally, I have a feeling he will be around a bit longer. Next year at the least. Like others have said, he already went through the head coaching thing, and did not have a very goot time with it. The thing that sucks about getting a head-coaching job is... its pretty much guaranteed that it is going to be with a team that is in ruins.

Norv has the title of Assistant Head Coach with the Dolphins, and is getting paid pretty well for an Offensive Coordinator. Perhaps, he will like what he has going here and hang out a bit. Maybe after we win the next two Super Bowls, Dave will retire and give the reigns to Turner. :D
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