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are you guys watching....


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Sep 15, 2002
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hey ya'll, tune in to espn2. they did a game where they pit the Steelers of the 70's with the cowboys of the 90's. Tremendous accomplishment if you ask me. They did it as if it was a real game. Cool. Our old phins favorite are at the helm too. Jimmy Johnson, Norv, and Dave are coaching. But they got their butts kicked in the first half by Meam Joe green and the rest of the 70's steeler d.
Yeah I've seen those games. Terry Bradshaw usually sucks in the first half and then pulls out the amazing victory in the second half with clutch throwing.
Someone has to pick a winner in these games and it's not the players on the unless I don't have anything else to do I might watch one...but usually not.
Personally, I watched the first 10 minutes and thought it was the stupidest thing on TV.
Computer game

I saw the first one they did when they matched the 72 UNDEFEATED Phins against the Steelers and Sabols computer and the Phins lost. Big steaming pile of Bull SH!T if you ask me. Liers can figure, but figures cant lie, BUT, you can make a computer deliver any result you might desire. I pay no attention to their bias asses anymore.
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