Arrington rips Skins


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Jul 30, 2004
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Huntsville, AL
LaVar Arrington criticized the Washington Redskins for a failing to support him during his recent knee injury, an injury that forced him to have another surgery last week.

"It's like nothing in terms of the support from them, it's like nothing," Arrington told reporters at Redskins Park on Monday. "It's like, just let me disappear and die."

Arrington, walking on crutches, revealed that he had a second surgery last Wednesday on the same knee that forced him to miss 11 games last season. He said he will be in no rush to come back.

"I'm taking as much time as I need, and if that means they're upset and want to get rid of me, then so be it," Arrington said. "But I'm not coming back before my knee is better. I tried it their way, and it got me on crutches again."
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